Thinker786 is a character in Mini-Strip. He first made his appearance in Mini-Strip 2 by EnchantedDragon. He has been a main character ever since. (Thinker786 is a real person in real life)

Season 1

Thinker786 was introduced in Season 1, flying from the sky to try to help Shinaetae from looking down, then tried to put on a show. He has been snuck up on by Slender-Man MANY MANY times.

Season 2

Thinker786 was also in Season 2. (dur, he's a main character!) He quarreled with EnchantedDragon over who was the best character in The Avengers, Black Widow, or Iron Man. Season 2 isn't done yet, so more info coming soon!


Thinker786 drawn in Season 1


Thinker786 drawn in Season 2