Shinaetae is a character in Mini-strip. She made her first appearance in Ministrip 1 by 'Shinaetae'. She has been a main character ever since. ('Shinaetae' is a person in real life) She is also very in love with a type of genre called 'Kpop' which is Korean Pop music. One of her favorite bands is EXO (K&M) and if you ever have any type of question to ask her, she will answer it LIKE A BOSS. 

Season 1

'Shinaetae 'was introduced in Season 1, making EnchantedDragon a comic. Then, dressed up in a Slender-Man costume. She is OBSESSED with Slender-Man.

Season 2

'Shinaetae' was also in Season 2. (dur, she's a main character!) She started a dangerous conversation about The Avengers, which ended in a big fight. Season 2 is not done yet, so more info coming soon!


Shinaetae drawn in Season 1


Shinaetae drawn in Season 2