The Major Commandments

Commandment I

Thou shalt not spam videos, comments, or photos unless in the event of permission from staff.

Commandment II

Thou shalt not copy or make comics overly similar to Mini-Strip.

Come on guys, let's get creative!

Commandment III

Thou shalt not type or upload any profane, overly sensual, or otherwise "innapropriate" content.

Let's keep this PG.

Commandment IV

Thou shalt not disrespect authorities such as rollback, chat mods, admin, or beaureaucrats.

Respect the authority!

Commandment V

Thou shalt not vandalize ANYTHING including profiles.

Commandment VI

Thou shalt not bully or name call or make fun of other users.

Be nice, OK?

Chat Rules

Chat is a fun and simple way to talk to your friends online. It's avalible for Users and Anons. But chat is a 'privilege.' There are a few, and don't worry, I do mean just a few (Laugh), rules that you have to follow if you want to keep your chat privileges. Please:

  • Do not insult other Users or Anons.
  • Listen if someone asks you to stop something. If you do not believe that you really need to stop, contact an admin.
  • Use no cuss words.
  • No controversial topics.

Please note that if you do something severely bad, you may be banned/blocked immediatly.


For Regular Users: For Staff Users:
1- Warning 1- Firm Warning
2- Firm Warning 2- Demotion (All until Regular user)
3- 5 hour ban/block 3- 5 hour ban/block
4- 2 day ban/block 4- 2 day ban/block
5- 7 day ban/block 5- 2 month ban/block
6- 2 month ban/block 6- Eternal block
7- Eternal block 7- Eternal Shun
8- Death (not really) 8- Death (not really)