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A hilarious comic series about three friends. You can read them as they are posted! You can read our comics, chat with friends, or help our wiki by serving on staff! (We do take requests for staff positions. Message EnchantedDragon, Thinker786, or Shinaetae on their message page, and we shall respond as soon as possible.) Read our Rules and Regulations to make sure you didn't do anything bad.

The Origin of Mini Strip

Ok so one day, our friend Shinaetae made a short little comic titled, "Mini Strip". Then, we all then got the idea to make a series of it. EnchantedDragon made the next one, and Thinker786 followed. The cycle went on and on, until 16. That was the end of Season 1. At the end of every Mini Strip, there is a little surprise (We know what you're thinking, and no it's not that type of "little surprise"). Season 2 and 3 are currently being made, and a Holiday Ministrip Issue and a Best of Ministrip Issue have been planned also. To learn more, contact our staff on our message page or you could talk with us on chat and we will reply as soon as possible.

We're Having a Special Contest!!!

If you would like to be famous all over the world (well, alright, maybe all over this wiki), then enter our amazing contest!!! We will pick three people and star them in their own Mini Strip that they will be able to keep and brag about. All of the makers will sign it specially to you, and we'll post the winners' names and Mini Strips on our website for everyone to see!!! For more information on how to enter, search Mini-Strip Contest on our wiki. Come on and enter the contest!!! You just might win. :)