Ministrip 1 by Hailey

Dialogue: (we knew it was blurry so we added this)

Box 1:

EnchantedDragon: Hey SuperSHINeeKpopLover! Can you make me a comic?

SuperSHINeeKpopLover: Huh.

Box 2:

SuperSHINeeKpopLover: I'm doing it right now!

Box 3:

EnchantedDragon: you're not...

Box 4:

SuperSHINeeKpopLover: Say hi!

EnchantedDragon: h-hi...

Box 5:

EnchantedDragon: I WASN'T READY YOU IDIOT!!

EnchantedDragon asks SuperSHINeeKpopLover to make her a comic. SuperSHINeeKpopLover reveals that she was already working on one, but EncahntedDragon wasn't ready yet (she needed to fix her hair, add make-up,etc.)