EnchantedDragon is a character in Mini-Strip. She made her first apperance in Ministrip 1 by SuperSHINeeKpopLover . She has been a main character ever since. (EnchantedDragon is a real person in real life)

Season 1

EnchantedDragon was introduced in Season 1, asking SuperSHINeeKpopLover to make her a comic. Then, she dared Jake to sing kareoke at the club. She has broken 1 of SuperSHINeeKpopLover's phones.

Season 2

EnchantedDragon was also in Season 2. (dur, she's a main character) She argued with Thinker786 on who was the best character in The Avengers, Black Widow or Iron Man. Season 2 is not done yet, so more info coming soon!


Alyssa drawn in Season 1 & Season 2